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Sep 15, 2022 - 4 mins read time

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5 Hair Straightening Type Near Me | Best Price For Hair Straightening?

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Due to our lifestyle, poor air quality, bad food habits, and heavy work pressure, our hair is getting frizzier and we have less and less willpower to fight it every day.
But before you go spend a lot of money on a new set of cool locks, check out our hair straightening treatments to see which one is the best investment for your beautiful hair.

Hair Keratin Treatment 

In the past few years, keratin treatments have become more and more popular, and for good reason, see offers. Hair keratin is one of the least dangerous ways to straighten your hair. Keratin is a natural protein that is already there in our hair. However, as we age and eat less protein, our keratin levels go down, too. The keratin treatment covers the hair shaft with keratin, which gives it nutrients that make the hair silky, smooth, and straight. This treatment is also known as Brazilian hair Straightening.
After a salon hair expert applies keratin solution to hair, a high-degree flat iron is used to seal the formula to the hair strands. This creates a moisture barrier that reduces frizz and gives hair a shiny finish.
The best thing about a keratin treatment is that the hair gradually grows back into its original shape, and the treatment can be done more than once without hurting the hair. In fact, keratin treatments work better the more times you use them. Even though it's not the cheapest treatment, it will last about six months if you use keratin-infused shampoos and conditioners after the treatment. Sounds good, right?

Hair Smoothening

Know as Japanese straightening, it is a smoothing and conditioning treatment that uses both chemicals and heat to change the hair's structure for good. During a hair smoothening treatment, protein bonds in the hair are loosened and then reshaped by hair cells, find offer. Those of you who can't sit long should know that this is a long process with many steps that takes from 3 to 4 hours. The last step will require you to go back to the salon after a few days for about an hour. This treatment works for about six to seven months, which is a plus.
Even though this treatment sounds great and like it will last a long time, it can be bad for your hair in the long run, so think long and hard about this one.

Hair Re-bonding

Chemicals are used in re-bonding to make hair straight, shiny, and smooth. For hair re-bonding, a cream or relaxant softener is used to break the hair's natural structure, and then a neutralizer is used to put the structure back together again. Re-bonding is great for people who have trouble taming their curly or thick hair, but the treatment is easy to see once the hair starts to grow back. Even though re-bonding is very popular, it can not be done regularly because it can make hair very weak and fragile.
It also needs a lot of hair care, so think carefully before picking this one.

Straightening with chemicals

In the process of chemically straightening hair, also called "hair relaxing," protein bonds in the hair are broken. Curly or wavy hair becomes straight when a certain number of bonds are broken. But as simple as that sounds, it needs to be done by a professional hair expert if it is to work.
For example, if you break too many bonds, your hair will get floppy, and if you break too few, your hair won't straighten out.
This method for taking care of hair is no joke. But the results are well worth the money for those who are willing to pay for a good treatment at a good hair salon. just make sure to do your homework first.

Temporary Hair Straightening With Flat Iron

Okay, so this isn't really a straightening treatment, but a flat iron is the easiest way for beginners to tame frizzy hair until the next time you wash it.
Make sure your hair is completely dry before using a flat iron to straighten it so you don't do more damage to it. Since straightening hair can make it dry and brittle, always use a heat-protecting spray and try to avoid this process on days when you don't really need it.

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