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V V Studio has helped more than 15,000 customers in the last five years and has a lot of knowledge about its products, services, and procedures.

We treat our customers with real care, so that when you leave our salon, you look and feel great.

V V Studio makes every attempt to keep salon services at very affordable pricing in order to be more competitive and fair. However, it is our goal to always be very transparent about the service prices before the service begins, so that our customers are not left in the dark if there are any hidden expenses. Followings are the list of our most inquired and delivered salon services for ladies:

Hair Smoothening And Straightening:

Every girl wants sleek, shiny, straight hair. SILKY, STRAIGHT HAIR CHANGES YOUR APPEARANCE. Women visit salons to achieve a beautiful, stylish look. Salons offering hair smoothening/Straightening treatments are plentiful.Find more about smoothening and straightening

Hair Keratin Treatment:

In the past few years, keratin treatments have become more and more popular, and for good reason. Hair keratin is one of the least dangerous ways to straighten your hair. Keratin is a natural protein that is already there in our hair. However, as we age and eat less protein, our keratin levels go down , too. The keratin treatment covers the hair shaft with keratin, which gives it nutrients that make the hair silky, smooth, and straight. This treatment is also known as Brazilian hair Straightening.Read more

Global Hair Coloring And Highlights

If you ave recently looked in the mirror and thought you look dull or washed out, or if you have a lot of grey hair that makes your skin look dull, it might be time to think about changing the color of your hair. Instead of picking a color just because you like it, make sure it goes with your shade and skin tone. Find out quickly what color your skin is and what color its undertone is. Find out what hair colors look good with your skin tone.Read More


Due to increasing pollution and the demanding lifestyles we lead, our bodies are always under stress. Stress and air pollution leave noticeable marks on the skin. Skin issues can be quite prevalent. Facials are one of the few options available for addressing these issues. Instead of viewing facials as only a cosmetic therapy, it is crucial to consider their advantages.Read more about facial benefits


White chocolate wax has been used in beauty products for centuries. It’s made by melting cocoa butter and sugar into a liquid that hardens when cooled. The result is a smooth, creamy substance that feels great on the skin. Whether you are going for body wax, full hands waxing, full hand waxing, under arms waxing, bikini waxing, back waxing, and front waxing, the white chocolate wax benefits everywhere.Find the benefits of waxing

Bridal Salon Services packages:

It goes without saying that every woman wants to look her best on her wedding day! And what could be better than starting a skincare and cosmetics routine in the months leading up to the wedding? After all, it will ensure that your skin is adequately prepared before the big day and that there are no breakouts throughout any of the festivities.Here is your beauty checklist

Acrylic Nails Arts And Nails Extension With Gel polish:

Short nails can be made longer with artificial nails, making your fingers look long and slim. Nail extensions are a great way to add length to your natural nails without having to file down your cuticles. They are also easy to remove when you need to wash your hands.Read More