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With the goal of making beauty and style available to everyone, something that was only possible for the wealthy before, Rakhi Gautam, an experienced and certified cosmetologist, opened the first professional beauty and hair salon of its kind in 2016. The salon is called "v v studio."

V V Studio changed the way salons look and made everyone's beauty and styling dreams come true. With 15k+ customers served so far, v v studio is now in high demand all over the market to meet the hair and beauty needs of its customers.

At a decent price, v v studio takes care of all of a person's grooming, beauty, and styling needs from head to toe. Its services are scientifically designed and delivered by certified skin and hair experts using world-class products.

The v v studio experience is based on a "culture of consultation" where our certified experts hand-pick products and recommend salon services that will work best for each individual customer. This is a strong supporter of the idea that beauty and style are different for everyone.

Because v v studio is always adding new services and putting a lot of thought into the salon experience, it has a large and loyal customer base of more than 15,000 people that keeps growing.

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Meet Rakhi Gautam

I have been trained and certified as a cosmetologist, and I love hair and beauty. I am the founder of the beauty and hair salon "V V Studio," which is run by women.

I believe in teamwork. I am friendly, hardworking, and open-minded. I can get my point across and handle changes well.

I think that a person should always be working to improve their job skills and learn new things.

My professional experience with hair and beauty can give hair and beauty product and service development valuable insights and a new point of view. I can learn new things and get better at launching and managing products.

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