Gel Polish Best Offer INR 599

Gel Polish Best Offer INR 599

Polish your nails with a variety of gel polish colors in V V Studio Nails salon in Bangalore.

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Are you confused between gel polish and gel extension?

The difference between gel polish and gel extensions is that gel polish is meant to go over the natural nail, while gel extensions are meant to extend the natural nail bed to make a longer nail that still looks natural.

Still confused?

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Still not sure what the difference is between gel and acrylic extensions?

When we have to choose between the two, we have to think about their polymerization process, how simple it is to remove off, and how thick the nail is.
Since gel is softer than acrylic, people with soft nail beds should choose gel extensions instead.
Acrylic nails are a good choice if you want a set of extensions that will last longer.
Gel nail extensions are easier to take off than acrylic nail extensions, so if you get your nails done often, you should choose gel.
Gel is usually more flexible and looks more like real nails than acrylics.
You will have to deal with the strong smell of the products used to put on acrylics while getting extensions. Gels don't work like that.
Gel nails cost more than acrylic nails.
Gels and acrylics take almost the same amount of time to put on.

You might be wondering, "How Long Do Gel Nail Extensions Last?"

Depending on how you use your hands, gel extensions may last two weeks for some people or four to five for others. Every 12 to 16 days, you should get a manicure. After that, your hair will grow on its own.


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