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Sep 24, 2022 - 4 mins read time

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The Cost of Straightening Hair Permanently

Keratin Treatment

Curly or wavy hair can look cute, but it can be hard to keep under control every day. A permanent hair straightening treatment can give you the smooth, straight hair you've always wanted. Depending on the method you use, your straight hair could last anywhere from a few months to as long as it takes your new hair to grow out.

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First stage before hair straightening

Analyze hair is the first stage in determining the type and condition of the hair, as well as the products that will be used in line with the consumer's hair type and condition.

Know the various hair types and its condition

Healthy virgin black hair has the following characteristics: softness, lustre, and fully elastic.

Unhealthy black virgin hair has the following characteristics: dry, dull, matted, split ends, and decreased elasticity.

Non-Black-Colored Hair: The characteristics are non-black hair, variable hair diameter, and hair color that is less uniform, less bright, and less elastic.

Black colored hair is characterized by its variable width, decreased luminosity, and decreased elasticity.

Prior Waving processed Hair has the characteristics of wavy or curly hair that is less radiant and elastic.

Prior straightened hair has the characteristics of being reddish, dry, dull, not elastic, and brittle.

Get your hair Tested: Elasticity Test

If the hair dresser isn't sure how to tell what kind of hair the customer has, the elasticity test should be done.

One of the easiest ways is to slowly pull the client's hair. When you pull on an elastic hair, it will stretch but not break, and when you let go, it goes back to how it was. 

If you pull on the hair and it doesn't stretch or break, the hair is dead. 

However, Assessing how flexible hair is depends on the experience, skill, and foresight of the hair dresser who does this job.

Second stage of starting the hair straightening process

Wash your hair with a pre-process shampoo or a good quality non-conditioner shampoo - hair must be clean before going for hair straightening process to achieve the best results.

Permanent hair straightening is a chemical treatment and your hair bonds are broken during the hair straightening cream application process, which causes your hair to be curly. Your hair will then be blow-dried, flat ironed until it is pin-straight and fixed with neutralizer . The application process can take 3 to 4 hours and will leave your hair sleek, shining, and straight.

You'll be able to tell the difference between your straightened hair and your new hair growth, so plan to get a touch-up in 6–12 weeks.

The cost of hair straightening permanently usually ranges between INR 4000 and INR 5000, depending on how long and thick your hair is. But you can ask the hair salon if they have any deals on the hair straightening treatment permanently.

Going through the important points for the process of hair straightening permanently

1. Tell your stylist the truth about your hair's past.
Your stylist needs to know if you've been coloring your hair for years or if you tried a home relaxer a few months ago. If you've used chemicals on your hair, it might be too damaged to straighten with chemicals. It could make your hair dry and brittle, or it could even break off while you're doing it.

2. Request a strand test. During a strand test, your stylist will put a small amount of the straightening solution on a strand of your hair in a hidden spot, like the nape of your neck. This will let the stylist see how your hair reacts to the chemicals and let them know if it's safe to continue with the treatment.

3. Bring a book or download a game to keep yourself from getting bored. Most permanent hair straightening treatments take at least two to three hours, and the first treatment for Japanese straightening can take as long as eight hours. Bring a book or put a game on your phone so you have something to do while you're sitting in the chair.

4. Do what the care hairstylist says to do. To keep your hair healthy, it's important to carefully follow your stylist's after-care instructions.
If you choose hair straightening permanently, you won't be able to wash your hair for a couple of days. Depending on the treatment, you may also be told to avoid styling your hair with heat, which can make your hair more likely to break. If you get the treatment, you might not want to put your hair in a ponytail for a couple of days so you don't make a permanent crease in your newly straight hair.

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