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Sep 9, 2022 - 4 mins read time

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How to Care For Your Hair After Smoothing

How to Care for Your Hair After Smoothing

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Today's topic is : How to Care for Hair After Smoothing. Because while obtaining chemically straightened hair is simple, maintaining it and keeping it that way for an extended period of time is hard for everyone.

Hair smoothing provides you the gorgeous look you've always desired. However, chemically treated hair is more prone to frizz, dryness, and damage as a result of the incorrect materials utilized in the process, including as sulfate-containing shampoos and conditioners, pollution, and other causes.

So, the first item to include in your hair care regimen is a sulfate free gentle rejuvenating shampoo and nourishing conditioner.

V V Studio hair salon has some fantastic recommendations for you that your smoothening treated hair will be taken care.

Hair Care Tips Immediate After Smoothening

Just after having the smoothening or straightening treatment technique completed, you begin to jump for pleasure because of your new gorgeous looks and begin to want attempting new hairstyles and hair accessories.

But, before you do anything else, there are a few things you should keep in mind for the greatest results:

For at least three days, avoid using water on your hair; not even a single drop of water should be used on treated hair.

Avoid tying your recently treated hair behind your ear or with any hairpin since this will bend your hair and leave a terrible mark on it.
Be cautious when sleeping for around three days, you must sacrifice your sleeping positions as well since you must ensure that your hair is straight throughout the night when sleeping. Change your pillowcase as well for better hair health.

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Hair Care Tips 3 Days After Smoothening

Congratulations! The most susceptible days are passed if you have taken proper care of your hair for the first three days following a hair smoothening treatment.

Now is the moment to wash your hair for the first time and care for it afterwards.

Only use cold water to rinse your shampoo and conditioner. Never use hot water to wash your hair.

Wash your hair with the sulfate-free shampoo (mild shampoo) that your hairdresser has advised.

After every third day, condition your hair with the same kind of shampoo and let it on for a little longer than normal.

Use hair masks of the same brand as the shampoo and conditioner to help maintain the moisture layer on your hair alive. You may also make your own hair mask.

To avoid hair breakage, use a broad tooth comb and begin detangling your hair with your fingers very carefully and patiently.

Use the prescribed hair serum on a regular basis to preserve your treated hair from all types of damage or pollution by building a protective layer on your hair.

Regularly visit a hair spa since it replenishes any damage and restores your health and beauty.

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Hair Care Tips 15 Days After Smoothening

When hair is cared for in the manner desired, they become more settled and controllable than in earlier stages. You are also becoming more accustomed to following the everyday hair care suggestions.

So here are the things you need to remember and take care of after 15 days and afterwards:

Begin by focusing on your diet, including nutrients for hair such as biotin-rich meals, nuts, almonds, green vegetables, dairy products, and a variety of fruits that may give richness to your healthy hair. 

Protein is essential for hair health and should be included in your diet. Protein-rich foods include fish, poultry, eggs, and soy products. Include meals high in amino acids as well. You can use vitamins to help your hair.

Trim your hair on a regular basis to avoid split ends and damaged hair, which can leave your hair prone to more damage. Furthermore, trimming can assist you in achieving a healthy hair appearance.

Heat styling equipment, such as a flat iron, should be avoided as they will further damage the hair shafts. Avoid all types of heat style products; however, if you are a styling junkie, you may use the cold setting or a diffuser.

Chemically treating your hair already puts a lot of chemicals on it, so avoid any form of treatment, style, or coloring for at least the next six months.

Wear caps and scarves to shield your treated hair from the sun's rays, pollution, wind, and rain.

Tight hair elastics and pins can leave a corrugated imprint on your hair, making it difficult to straighten again.

If your hair is dry and non-greasy, use a conditioner as a shampoo in between shampoo washes once a week.

The more you nurture your hair, the healthier and more attractive it will seem. So go ahead and use these hair care suggestions after smoothing to showcase your dazzling bouncy looks with confidence.

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