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Sep 22, 2022 - 5 mins read time

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Global Hair Color Shades For Indian Skin

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Global Hair Color Shades For Indian Skin

If you've recently looked in the mirror and thought you look dull or washed out, or if you have a lot of grey hair that makes your skin look dull, it might be time to think about changing the color of your hair.

Instead of picking a color just because you like it, make sure it goes with your shade and skin tone.

Find out quickly what color your skin is and what color its undertone is. Find out what hair colors look good with your skin tone.

The appropriate global hair color shades for Indian skin will enhance your appearance and make you look younger!

Evaluating Your Skin for global hair color shades for Indian skin 

1. Think about the shade of your skin

In general, your skin shade is probably pale, medium, olive, or dark/deep. This should be pretty clear, as it can help you choose a global hair color shades for Indian skin. 

You don't want your hair color to be the same shade and tone as your skin, otherwise your hair will look washed out.

2. Figure out your skin tone

No matter what shade your skin is, you need to figure out if it has a warm, cool, or neutral undertone. Stand in front of the mirror while wearing a white shirt. If you can, stand where there is a lot of natural light or bright incandescent lights. 

To find the undertone, look at the veins on the inside of your wrist.
If the veins are mostly blue-purple, your undertones are cool.

If they are mostly green, the undertones are warm. 

If they are a mix of green and blue, the undertones are neutral.

3. Think about the undertone of your skin

Ask yourself a few simple questions to help you figure out the undertones of your skin.

Do you look better in gold or silver? If gold, you've got warm undertones. 

If you are silver, your undertones are cool. 

How about your eyes?
If your eyes are green, brown, or hazel, your undertones are warm. 

If you have blue, grey, or green eyes, it's likely that your undertones are cool.

Selecting a Global Hair Color for Dark Skin Tone

1. Choose complementing hues for your skin
This implies that the hair colors you choose should be on the other side of the color wheel from your skin tone to ensure that they appear well on you.
If you have golden complexion, for example, an ivory blonde, ash or mocha brown would look excellent on you.
If you have cool skin, a copper red, golden blonde, or honey brown would suit you well.
If you have a neutral skin tone, muted colors like mahogany would suit you best.

2. Equalize any warm tones
Choose a hair color with rich chestnut or cinnamon undertones if you have a warm undertone. This will assist to neutralize any yellow or warm undertones in your skin.
If you have a warm, golden undertone with a lighter shade of dark complexion, you can wear most hair colors, including light to dark browns, reds, and blondes. Highlights with a red base might help to bring out golden undertones.

3. Bring any cold tones in your skin to life
To lighten your hair if you have cold undertones, choose a hair color with warm highlights. A warmer color will add dimension to your hair, especially if it is already dark brown or black.

Hair Color Options for Pale or Medium Skin Shade

1. On a color wheel, choose a shade that is the polar opposite of your skin tone
A color wheel can assist you in sorting through the many various hair colors and selecting the right global hair color shades for Indian skin that will look well on you.
If you have cool, pale complexion, for example, choose warm tones like golden browns and copper reds.
If you have tanned skin, go for cooler hair colors like ash browns and blondes.

2. Select a deep, rich base color for your hair
Choose a hair color that has warm undertones with yellow, such as chestnut, rich golden brown, auburn, or mahogany, if you have warm undertones with yellow.
Then use a red base, such as cinnamon or copper, to highlight.
If you use a blonde base or highlights, you may overemphasize your yellow undertone.

3. Select a bold color base for your hair
Look for a rich brown, red, or blonde base if you have cold tones with a pink or blue undertone. Then, choose highlights that have a honey-wheat or ash appearance. This will help to highlight your cold undertones.
For dark complexion with cool undertones, choose burgundy, cherry, or garnet hair color. These can be used as a base or highlight color.
This hair color's calm red tones give your skin a smooth, even appearance.

Global Hair Color Options for Olive Skin Shade

1. Select a warmer hair color
Choose a golden color for your base if you have olive skin with a warm or yellow undertone. Choose a color such as honey blonde, auburn, chestnut, or mocha.
If you're applying highlights, use a warm red color to bring out the warmth in your skin tone.

2. Choose a cool hair color
Choose a hair color that showcases your cool undertones if you have olive skin with a cool undertone, as most olive skinned people do.
Choose an ash, platinum, copper, or violet red, for example.
If you have dark olive complexion with cool undertones, avoid a light ashy blonde or a similar color that will stand out.

3. Draw attention to your eyes
If you have warm eyes, such as hazel, brown, or green, consider wearing a color that will draw attention to them. For example, if your hazel eyes have some red flecks, consider a reddish hair color to draw attention to your eyes.