Waxing Services

Bikini Lines Waxing

Rs 325 Onwards

Let your hair get removed from bikini lines with flavored waxing and get smooth and shiny skin post waxing.

If you get a bikini line wax, the person doing it will probably only take off the hair along your bikini line (basically, anything that might be seen outside your underwear or bathing suit).

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Full Body Waxing

Rs 2199 Onwards

There are a lot of different ways to get waxed, so there's something for everyone. At the end of a long list of options and variations is a full body wax, which is the most thorough waxing procedure you could ask for. During a full body wax, the best hair removal products are used to make the body completely hairless and soft to the touch. Almost no part of the body is left untouched, and the texture of the skin is the same everywhere.

The idea of getting a full-body wax is both exciting and scary, so we'll give you all the facts you need to make up your mind.

What Can You Expect from a Full Body Wax?

During a full-body wax, the waxer will switch between soft and hard waxes depending on the area being waxed and how much hair needs to be removed per section. You already know that hard waxes are better for sensitive skin, while soft waxes are better for removing hair from large areas. Usually, the treatment starts with waxing the intimate area and the bikini line. Then, the arms, legs, and back are waxed. Some plans also cover waxing of the face.

Regular waxers are getting more and more interested in full body waxes. Some of the reasons why full-body treatments are so popular are as follows:
A trained esthetician will take care of your skin professionally.
Plans that can be changed to fit the needs of the client.
The same results as getting waxed several times in one session.
Low Cost Results that are the same in every part of the body.

Many people still don't know what goes into a full body wax. Some people don't think it's worth the pain of a full body wax, which can be lessened with individual waxing sessions. This is especially true if the person has little body hair to deal with.

Let's answer some of the most frequently asked questions about full body wax:

How is it different from getting waxed separately: If someone wants to get rid of hair from many different parts of their body, a full body wax may be the most practical and affordable option. Even though prices might be different, a full body wax is likely to be less expensive and take less time than multiple waxing sessions. Most beauty salons and aesthetic centres have different plans and packages so that people can find the one that works best for them. This is very helpful because hair grows back at different rates in different parts of the body, and all hairs need to be between 1/4 and 1/2 inch long for a new full body wax.

Getting your whole body waxed is cheaper than getting waxed more than once.

Is it more painful to wax your whole body? For people who don't like pain much, a full-body wax can seem like a lot of work. In reality, it doesn't hurt more than other waxing treatments because it uses the same products and methods. A full body wax will take longer than a single wax session. Depending on the plan chosen by the client, it can take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour, so people must be ready for longer periods of pain.


After waxing, the skin is usually tender and sensitive, and it may get a little red and itchy. Since many parts of the skin are healing at the same time after waxing, some people might find it hard to handle a full body wax. All the steps, rules, and restrictions that were put in place after the wax are still in place. Even if some waxed areas itch more than others, it's very important to care for and feed them all the same way.

Tips for Getting a Full Body Wax

The therapist's workspace needs to be clean and in order before the session. This will make a good first impression and make sure that the treatment takes place in a clean environment. To get ready for the treatment, all the accessories and toiletries must be clean and all the necessary tools must be within reach. During the session, the esthetician must explain each step as they go, checking the wax temperature and the client's level of comfort at each step. A friendly and confident attitude goes a long way toward making things go smoothly.

The client also has a role to play in making sure the process goes well. For example, the skin needs to be scrubbed two days before the waxing, and it shouldn't be moisturised until after the waxing. It's also up to the client to keep an eye on their skin days before a session and look for bumps, marks, breakouts, or anything else that could change how the treatment works. If you don't, the esthetician might delay the session before it even starts.

Practical Equipment For Full Body Wax

As was already said, it can be hard to set up new appointments when the hair growth cycle is different for each part of the body. For a full-body wax, it's best to wait at least six weeks until all the hairs are long enough to stick to the wax. As clients keep waxing, their hairs will get finer, making them easier to hide during this waiting time.

If you've never waxed before, a full body wax might be too much. Before choosing this option, clients should get used to the feel and temperature of the wax and see how much pain they can handle. If you've waxed your skin before and have too much hair all over your body, a full body wax might be the most comfortable option.

Waxing is a unique way to take care of your skin that everyone should try at least once. Full-body waxes, in particular, require a lot of experience and the most up-to-date hair removal tools to keep you comfortable for long periods of time.

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Half Legs Waxing

Rs 299 Onwards

Let your hair get removed from both half legs with flavored waxing and get smooth and shiny legs post waxing.

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Under Arms Waxing

Rs 199 Onwards

Let your hair get removed from Under Arms with flavored waxing and get smooth and shiny Arm pits post waxing.

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Half Hands Waxing

Rs 249 Onwards

Let your hair get removed from both hands with flavored waxing and get smooth and shiny hands post waxing.

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Full Hands (Arms) Waxing

Rs 349 Onwards

Let your hair get removed from both hands with flavored waxing and get smooth and shiny hands post waxing.

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Full Legs Waxing

Rs 499 Onwards

Let your hair get removed from both legs and get smooth and shiny legs post waxing.

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Forehead Waxing

Rs 199 Onwards

This high-end waxing service leaves nothing behind and guarantees a smooth forehead.

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Lower Lip Waxing

Rs 99 Onwards

Remove unwanted hair from your lower lip for a flawless shine.

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Full Back

Rs 749 Onwards

Leave nothing behind with this high-end waxing service that will leave your back silky smooth and hairless.

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Half Back

Rs 399 Onwards

This premium waxing procedure offers a hairless, silky-smooth back.

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Bikini Waxing

Rs 1199 Onwards

Use this precise bikini wax to show off your swimsuit.

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Brazilian Waxing

Rs 1499 Onwards

With this precise Brazilian wax, you can leave nothing behind and flaunt your bathing suit.

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Buttocks wax

Rs 549 Onwards

This exact wax leaves nothing behind for baby-soft bottoms.

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Face Wax

Rs 449 Onwards

Let your face radiate with this premium waxing service done by our professionals to remove facial hair.

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Stomach wax

Rs 399 Onwards

Show off your crop top with this high-end waxing service that gets rid of unwanted hair on your stomach and is done by our experts.

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Upper lip wax

Rs 99 Onwards

Let your lips shine with this high-end waxing service that gets rid of unwanted hair on your upper lip and is done by our experts.

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Upper Lip Waxing

Rs 120 Onwards

Allow your upper lip to radiate with this quality waxing service performed by our specialists to remove unwanted hair.

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Side Locks

Rs 169 Onwards

This premium waxing service, conducted by our specialists, removes undesirable facial hair from both sides of the face, allowing you to look stunning from every viewpoint.

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