Body Polish And Scrub

Body Polishing And Scrub

Rs 3500 Onwards

You've all treated your face with facials, spas, and other treatments, right? But have you ever considered that your body, which is constantly exposed to filth and pollution, need similar care? You now have! The abundance of zits, dead skin, and lumps on your body is a clear indication that it is time to examine the art of body polishing.

Because your body is subjected to similar conditions as your face, it, too, need regular cleaning. The dead shells must be removed, and the surface must be cleansed, to avoid their gathering and hence more harm! This is when body polishing comes in handy!

Body polishing is just cleaning your entire body with an appropriate cream that exfoliates and moisturises the skin.
Thus, many pores are opened. It improves blood circulation and allows the skin to breathe. The cream used mostly comprises salt, sugar, or any other type of grain that functions as an excellent exfoliant.

The Advantages of Body Polishing

Promotes cell growth

Exfoliating your skin using body polishing procedures not only eliminates dirt deposited in the pores but also encourages the formation of new cells. Gentle scrubs comprising sugar, salt, coffee grounds, or even oatmeal can be used to remove undesirable spots, revealing layers of healthy and bright skin.

Reduces pigmentation

Getting rid of pigmentation might be difficult, especially if the patches are visible. Body polishing treatments may be used to get lighter skin using both chemical and natural materials. It also removes blemishes and decreases melanin formation.

Rejuvenates skin

When living in an overly hurried and polluted environment, the skin becomes dull and lifeless.
This is the time to treat your skin to a body polishing treatment. Gently cleaning your skin with a proper agent aids in the removal of dead skin cells, revealing the natural radiance!

Hydrates skin

The exfoliating process, which opens skin pores, must also be closed to prevent future dirt collection. Hydrating ingredients, such as fragrant essential oils and body lotions used to hydrate your skin through body polishing, assist to close these pores by seeping deeply into your skin, giving it a velvety, smooth surface.

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