Nails Extension

Nails Extension

Rs 2500 Onwards

Are you searching something good for your natural nails to do?

V V Studio Nails salon can help you achieve the dream of your nails extension. if you are not happy with the short natural nails and if you are looking to enlarge them to a extent, then you can reach out to v v studio nails salon in J P Nagar, Bangalore for your nails extension needs.

Usually nails extension is the process of extending your nails artificially, however, to give them a beautiful look then you might have to go for gel polish or acrylic gel polish or nails art work on your artificially grown nails at a certain extra price.

What are Gel Extensions for Nails?

Gel nail extensions are made by putting hard gel on a natural nail and setting it with UV light.
A nail form is a sticker that goes under the free edge (the tip) of the nail to make it longer. This is done by a nail technician.
The only rule is that you can't bite your nails down to the quick.
For a gel extension, your nail needs to be a little bit long, not a lot, but a little.
If your nails are too short, the extension won't stick to anything.

To get acrylic nails extension, reach out to v v studio, the nails salon in Bangalore.

How do you put on gel nail extensions?

Whether the gel nail extensions come in a box already shaped or the nail tech makes them from scratch, he or she must first prepare the nails (file, clean, and buff nails). Then, the professional puts a form under the natural nail and adds a gel builder, a gel primer, and a gel top coat, one at a time, letting each one dry under an LED or UV light.

To get acrylic nails extension and nails art, reach out to v v studio, the nails salon in Bangalore.

What's the Difference Between Gel and Acrylic Nails?

Both gel and acrylic can be used to add length to nails. Most of the time, they look the same, but gel tips may feel lighter.

It's mostly about how the nail is built, but the real differences are in how the nail is made, how easy it is to take off, and how dense it is.

Using gel is definitely a faster way to do something. There are no strong smells, and you won't have to deal with dust or file anything. To shape acrylic nails, you need to mix a liquid called monomer with a powder called polymer.

To get acrylic nails extension, reach out to v v studio, the nails salon in Bangalore.

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