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Smoothening And Straightening

Rs 4000 Onwards

Smoothing And Straightening

Women try so hard on their hair because they want shiny, smooth, silky locks. From home remedies to professional hair treatments like smoothing or straightening, there are way too many things you can try to get healthy, shiny hair. But the way these hair care routines work for each woman depends on a number of things. We all have different hair growth rates, hair types, lengths, and thicknesses, and we all take care of our hair in different ways. All of these things affect the growth and health of our hair.

Are you the one with the curly, wavy, or frizzy hair? Even though you can never have too much information about hair care, there are only a few ways to get straight hair. Most people get their hair straightened or smoothed.

Let's talk about the smoothing treatment for hair and how it differs from straightening. Most of the time, smoothing treatments are done in hair salons, beauty parlours, or by hair experts. Chemicals are used for both straightening and smoothing the hair. So, it is very important to have an expert watch over you.
If your hair is frizzy, wavy, or has a few curls, you may want to smooth it. This treatment makes your curls soft, gives them a silky shine, and smooth's out your hair, making it easy to style for a couple of weeks. In this method, formaldehyde solution is poured over the hair. Which is a chemical and can be dangerous, so be careful.

Smoothening gives you smooth hair without frizz that can last up to 6 months or longer. But it's not meant to make your hair stick straight.


Does smoothing make hair turn grey?
Since smoothing your hair with chemicals can hurt your hair's health, it may also cause your hair to turn grey.
If you get your hair straightened often, use heat protectants on your hair and take care of your diet as well.

If I smooth my hair, why can't I tie it up?
Don't use hair bands or headbands to tie your hair up for at least three days after getting your hair smoothened. This could change the structure of your hair.

After smoothing, can regular shampoo be used?
Since the chemical treatment changes the health and feel of your hair, it's best to use a mild shampoo. After getting your hair smoothed, be gentle with it and don't use too much heat on it for a few days.

Can I put oil on my hair after smoothing it?
Don't put oil on your hair for at least 15 days if you want the treatment to stay in your hair.
But once your hair is set and smooth, make sure to oil it and use hair masks. This will help you get your hair back to good health after you used chemicals on it.

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Hair Keratin Treatment

Rs 5000 Onwards

Hair Keratin Offers At V V Studio Salon:
Why wait for "good hair days" when V V Studio can make them happen? Use our amazing hair transformations, which we offer at the best prices, to show off your beautiful hair. With our professional help, you can give your hair a new look that is sure to get you compliments at the best beauty salon near by to you in Bangalore.

Keratin your hair is the process of making it medium straight while taking care your hair to keep it naturally healthy and full of bounce. Your hair will be non-chemically treated with good products by trained stylists who know what they are doing.

V V Studio is very careful to make sure that all the steps are taken to keep your healthy at the best beauty parlour near me in j p nagar Bangalore. We can promise that your hair will be much easier to style, shinier, softer, and look healthier after the process.
You can get naturally straight hair with hair keratin, so if that's what you want, make an appointment today.
There are deals on hair keratin in Bangalore. Here at V V Studio, you can stop looking for "hair keratin deals near me."
You don't have to spend a lot of money to tame your hair and make it smooth. With our special deals and discounts, you can manage your hair without breaking the bank.

We're giving you a great deal on Keratin so you can have a "good hair day" every day.

Do you already feel excited? So, why don't you just do it?

You can call us or schedule your appointment online. Our experts on hair care will give you the hair you want without making you empty your wallet.

Latest Hair Colour Trends: 
Are you sick of always having the same hair colour for women?

Do you want to colour your hair for the first time now? You might not want to colour your hair because you're afraid it will get damaged. If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you should come to us to get your hair coloured and cared for with the utmost care. If you want a global hair colour or hair highlights, V V Studio is the place to go.

Our experts on colouring women's hair are always up to date on what's new in hair colour for women. They will help if you aren't sure if you want ombre, highlights, balayage, or 3D colouring for your hair. You can trust us to give you the hair colour look that works best with your face shape and style.
Using Schwarzkopf products, which is one of the best brands in the business, and adding Olaplex treatments to your hair colouring process will give you the best results and take the best care of your hair.

Deals on Hair Color in Bangalore:
If you're looking for "hair colour deals near me," V V Studio is the place to go. We have the best discount on hair colouring right now, but it's only good for a short time. So, you don't have to think twice about getting a whole new hair colour to change your look.

If you want to change the colour of your hair, hurry and come to our salon!

Conditions and terms:

Prices will depend on how long your hair is.
Prices for services may go up without notice and may be different in different places.
This offer is only good Monday through Friday and only with an appointment.
The balance can't be used to buy a membership, package, gift card, or pre-paid card.
This offer can't be combined with other deals, memberships, or packages.
This offer isn't good in December or on national holidays.
Root Touch-up service is not eligible for this offer.
There will be extra taxes to pay.

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QOD Hair Treatment

Rs 10000 Onwards

QOD Treatment in V V Studio salon 

QOD  is a Brazilian hair treatment, composed of the original Brazilian keratin and a blend of acid proteins, which act only on hair cuticles, softening fibers that give form to the hair shaft, promoting volume reduction, 0% frizz - natural straight effect – and instant shine.

Who can use QOD (including pregnant women)?

QOD can be applied to all kinds of hair that need a smoothing effect treatment. This product does not contain any prohibited ingredient during pregnancy, however, as a cosmetic treatment, it must be authorized by your obstetrician. 

Are there any side effects of QOD?

QOD doesn’t have side effects like conventional straightening 
treatments. Furthermore, the treatment properties of this product prevent several hair problems (dryness, split ends, color fading).

Is QOD a formaldehyde-free product?

QOD is not classified as a straightening treatment, but a deep hair treatment that promotes straight effect for 30 days. This way, it does not contain chemistry and harmful ingredients, including ones like formaldehyde.

How does QOD smooth hair?

The combination between acid pH and a blend of vegetable proteins softens the natural fibers that form hair. Also, the heat contact (termo-activated memory) promotes realignment, hair volume reduction, instant shine and 0% frizz – straight effect.

Can I touch-up roots using this product?

QOD boosts other chemical straightening treatments. It can be used for root touch-up, but unlike chemical treatments, it does not break up chemical bonds, only softens them, temporarily straightening it. Read more

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GST will be extra on offer price.

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