Hair Coloring

Global Hair Color

Rs 3500 Onwards

Global hair colour is a way of colouring your hair that gives it the same colour all the way from the ends to the roots. It's a great idea for people who want a different hairdo but don't want to use bright pop colours.
A session of global hair colour takes between one and three hours to finish. We know it's not easy to choose a global hair colour with highlights for Indian skin. Even so, it gives hair a beautiful matte finish when it's done.
Global hair colour shades for Indian skin don't lack variety; rather, they don't know how to work with the different types of Indian skin. There isn't just one colour. Indian skin can be dark, light, chocolate brown, or even very pale white. But when you choose global hiar colour shades, you should think about your face shape, features, and eyes.

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Route Touchup

Rs 1200 Onwards

Here is the best hair salon in J P Nagar, Bangalore for your grey hairs. V V Studio hair salon has all kind of route touch for you. V V Studio uses best branded colors for your route touchup. Whether it's 1-inch or 2-inch route touch up, we have it all.


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