Nails Extension Best Offer INR 1799

Nails Extension Best Offer INR 1799

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Gel and acrylic are the two kinds

Acrylic and gel nail extensions may look the same, but there are some differences between the two. When you get acrylic nails, a fake nail tip is glued to the tip of your nail, and then a mixture of powdered monomer and liquid monomer is put on your nails.
Gel extensions, on the other hand, are put on the nail bed with a mix that has already been made. If you want long nails, acrylic nail extensions are the way to go. But if you want your manicure to look natural, you should choose gel extensions.

Costs a lot of time and money

If you get your nails done by a professional with a lot of experience, the whole thing will probably take between 1.5 and 2 hours. But if you get your nails done by a nail tech with less experience, your manicure session may take a little bit longer than usual. 

Let's talk about spending money while we're talking about spending time. It will cost you a lot of money to get nail extensions and refills. So, before you make an appointment, you should know that getting nail extensions will take a lot of time and cost a lot of money.

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You will need the help of a professional nails technician.
It goes without saying that you'll need to go to a nail technician for the application. Most people, though, think that the extensions can be taken off at home with a nail file and some acetone. Take my word for it: you shouldn't try to take off nail extensions on your own. I've tried that before, but it hurt my nail beds and cuticles very badly.

They last three to four weeks

As much as we'd like nail extensions to last forever, they only do so for about 3 to 4 weeks. After a few weeks, your nail will have grown and there will be a space between the acrylic extension and your cuticle. To fix this, you'll need to either get them refilled or take them out. No matter what you choose, make sure it's done by a professional nails technicians.

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Cracked Nails

People say that extensions can damage your real nail bed and make it weak. But you don't have to worry about damage if it's done by a professional with safe, tried-and-true ingredients. Once you have extensions, make sure you do what your stylist tells you to do and get them taken out by a professional when the time comes.

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