Eyelash Extension Best Offer INR 2499

Eyelash Extension Best Offer INR 2499

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When extensions first became popular, they seemed like an easy way to get a long, wispy lashes without having to deal with falsies or mascara. But like any new beauty service, lash extensions soon showed their flaws, just like any other new service.
Most of the time, due to not having much experience of doing eyelashes, it can lead to irritation, infection, and damage to the natural lashes because of bad hygiene and technique.

The process is also pretty expensive, costing thousands of bucks and a lot of time. But is it worth it to wake up every day with beautiful semi-permanent eyelashes?

What are extensions for lashes?
Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent fibers that are attached to your natural eyelashes to make them look longer, fuller, and darker. A semi-permanent glue is used to attach one extension to each of your natural eyelashes when you get individual lash extensions.

Depending on the studio, lash extensions can be made of synthetic fibers, real or fake mink, or silk fibers. Most studios offer different lengths, curl patterns, and colors of extensions so that clients can make their own looks.

Different ways to extend eyelashes

Lash artists use mink, silk, and synthetic materials to make eyelash extensions. Some studios also sell "faux mink" extensions, which are just fake mink extensions made of synthetic material. Most lash studios have a favorite type of lash extension that they use, and they won't always ask you if you have a preference. So if you don't eat meat or are allergic to cats, make sure to ask that you don't get mink lash extensions. No type of lash extension lasts longer than the others, but mink and silk lashes tend to look more natural, while synthetic lashes can be thicker and darker, which is better for people who want a more dramatic look.

There are different lengths and curls of hair in each of these three groups (mink, silk, and synthetic). Usually, your lash artist will use lashes of different lengths and degrees of curl to make your eyes look bigger. For example, longer lashes will be put on the outer corners of your eyes and shorter lashes will be put on the inner corners.

How do I fill out an application?

Lash extensions are carefully put on one at a time (usually between 80 and 140 per eye) with a special semi-permanent glue that won't hurt or irritate the natural lash. The lash is only put on an eyelash that is already there, not on the skin. Even though each salon is different, here's what you can expect:

Before putting them on, the technician should talk to you about the risks and benefits of eyelash extensions. They should also ask if you have any conditions that would make eyelash extensions unsuitable for you. Also, if you wear contacts, they will ask you to take them out.

Choose the length and strength of the curl. Your lash artist should start by asking you what kind of look you want, whether it's more natural or more glamorous. You'll choose the best length and curl strength for the extensions based on the look you want.
Keep in mind that your artist may decide to use up to three or four different lengths of extensions, with longer extensions on the outer corners and shorter extensions on the inner eyes.

Cleaning the area around the eyes: Your lash artist will tell you to lie down and make sure you are comfortable. Then, they'll clean the area to get rid of any makeup, oil, or germs. Your artist will appreciate it if you don't wear any makeup to your appointment.

Putting on the tape and eye gels: During this part, your eyes are closed. The process usually takes between one and two hours, depending on how many extensions your lash artist is putting on. To get ready for the actual application, your lash artist will put an under-eye gel on your lower lash line. This will keep your lower lashes out of the way and give them something to work against (it's easier to see your lashes against a white background). The eye gels will then be held in place on both sides of the eye with medical-grade tape. This tape won't touch your eyelashes, and it won't hurt when it's taken off later.

Application: Your lash artist will use tweezers to dip the end of each extension in the lash glue and then apply it to a single lash.
Most of the time, one extension is put on each natural eyelash. However, for a fuller look, each natural eyelash may need more than one extension. The process is not painful, but having tweezers work so close to your eyes while they are closed may make you nervous.
Drying: The glue dries quickly, but after all of the extensions have been put on, your lash artist will probably ask you to sit still for about 10 minutes. Some lash artists like to point a small, handheld fan at your extensions to speed up the drying time, while others prefer to let the glue dry naturally. At this stage, you still have your eyes closed.
Taking off the tape and gels: Once your lashes are completely dry, your lash artist will take off the gels and tape from under your eyes. This doesn't hurt at all, but if you have sensitive skin in this area, let your lash artist know so they can be extra careful. Once the glue is off, your lash artist will probably use a spoolie to brush through your lashes, and then you'll be asked to slowly open your eyes.