Best Offer Skincare Beauty Package INR 2499

Best Offer Skincare Beauty Package INR 2499

Get the best skincare beauty package at a very reasonable price in V V Studio beauty salon in J P Nagar Bangalore. 

The package includes below services:

Full Hands, Full Legs and Under Arms White Chocolate Waxing.


Instant Glow Facial

Eyebrow Threading

Back Massage

Manicure and pedicure



Waxing is the best relatively painless hair removal process leaving your body hair free from all your body part for up to 3 to 4 weeks. 
Though you will have to be careful because of your skin type. So consult with your best beauty parlor or 
beauty salon's experts before you choose the waxing for your skin type.

The types of waxing you choose should help your skin in tan lightening, boosting your skin's health and glow without much redness. 
It should be anti-inflammatory as well. So tell your expectation with the waxing experts in the beauty parlor before they get into waxing 

Do you know which waxing is best for your skin and what the difference is between a dark chocolate waxing and a white chocolate waxing? 
White chocolate waxing seems better because it works on all skin types and hurts less than dark chocolate waxing, but it costs a bit more. 
It has a lot of the same benefits as dark chocolate when it comes to nourishing your skin and letting oils soak in. You could pick either one, 
depending on how your skin feels and how much pain you can handle. For more information reach out to v v studio, the best beauty parlor near 
me in Bangalore.

Waxing with White Chocolate:
It works well to get rid of undergrowth.
Made with vegetable oil and glycerol rosinate, it's almost painless.
No need to heat up first. Good for soft and sensitive skin.
White chocolate has beeswax, which is good for the skin.

For more information, visit v v studio, the best beauty parlor near you in j p nagar Bangalore.


These days, our bodies are always under stress due to growing pollution levels and the hectic lifestyles we lead.

Your skin reveals the effects of stress and air pollution. Skin issues can be highly prevalent. 
Choosing facials is one of the few options you have for resolving these issues. 
Consider the advantages of facials rather than merely seeing them as a cosmetic procedure. Reach out to V V Studio, the best beauty parlor near you in J P Nagar Bangalore for free consultation.

Numerous advantages of facials can help you maintain healthy, clear skin. You should often choose facials. These are the advantages:

13 Good Things About Facials:

1. Relieve stress and ease mental distress

2. Cleanse your skin

3. Stop ageing

4. Massage your face to get blood circulation

5. Rejuvenate your skin

6. Getting a facial helps clean the skin.

7. Take care of acne and its scars

8. Get rid of blackheads and whiteheads

9. Let all the pores open up

10. Give your skin a scrub

11. Tighten your skin

12. Get rid of dark circles and under-eye bags

Get an appointment at v v studio, the best beauty parlor in J P Nagar, Bangalore for free consultation in skin, hair, and nails.