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Sep 10, 2022 - 4 mins read time

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Which Is Better | Gel Nails Or Acrylic Nails

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Nails Extension?

Short nails can be made longer with artificial nails, making your fingers look long and slim. They can also be hard on your nails.

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What are gel extensions?

There are two ways to get gel extensions. The first is to stick a form to the tip of your natural nail, then paint a hard gel on top and cure it with a UV or LED light. The second, and more popular, way is to use a pre-shaped gel tip that is bonded to your natural nail, like a fancier press-on. Gel nail extensions are like putting a thin layer of polish on top of your natural nails. It's an easy way to add instant length to your nails, try a different shape, and play around with intricate nail art.

Which is better: gel nails or acrylic nails?

Gel extensions are the way to go if you care about the health of your nails. Acrylic nails look great, but they are not good for your nails.
When clients walks in, we always advise them to get gel extensions. Why? Gel extensions cause little to no damage to your natural nails because they act like a protective layer over them. In fact, they can help your real nails grow longer and stronger from underneath.

On the other hand, acrylic extensions are known to be harmful. The application process requires some potentially harsh chemicals, and the process of getting rid of them often involves rough buffing and drilling.
For acrylic nails, which are a type of fake nail, to stick, you have to file the surface of your natural nails until they feel rough. This makes your real nails thinner and weaker.
Acrylic nail extensions take longer to put on and take off than gel nail extensions.

How do you apply gel nail extensions?

The process is similar to applying regular gel polish to the nails, except the polish is in gel form. Your nails are first prepared.
After the nails were cleaned (filed, buffed, and cuticles trimmed), they were painted with bonder and primer. On the back of the nail, gel polish is painted on the nail form before it is pressed onto the natural nail and cured with a UV or LED light. Once all ten gel extensions are applied, you can change their shape and length, add color and nail art, and more.

How long do gel nail extensions usually last?

The average gel extension will last between three and four weeks. By then, your nails will have grown out, and there will probably be a lot of dirt under them, be a space between the natural nail and the gel." It's also important to note that the length of time your gel nail extensions last depends on how well you prepare your nails before the gels are put on.

How long the gels stay on your nails depends on both the cuticle and how you file the nail.
Your nail technician can't rush the process or your nails won't last. After three weeks, you can either get a refill (basically adding color to the natural nail right above your cuticle that has grown out) or have the gel taken off.

How do you remove gel nail extensions?

Every nail technician has their own way of doing this process, but at v v studio, we start by taking off any heavy designs on the nail.
In some cases, nails extensions removal requires a drill, but don't worry, it's just to take off the design. There shouldn't be any drilling on your actual nail bed. The nail technician then wraps each nail in an acetone-soaked cotton ball and tin foil to break down the gel.
Once the gel has softened, it is scraped off gently with an orange stick or a metal tool. The whole process should take about 15 minutes, and your natural nails should look healthy at the end.

How much do gel extensions cost?

The cost of gel nail extensions can depend on a number of factors, such as where you live like gel extensions tend to be more expensive in big cities, the design you choose, the more intricate the design, the more you'll pay, and how experienced the nail technician is.
For example, you might pay less for gel nail extensions at your local nail salon, but if you go to a nail technician with a great experience, you might have to pay INR 2,000 or more.

Is it worth it to get gel nail extensions?

Gel nails are better for your nails than acrylic nails, yes.
They look great, last for almost a month, and let you try out different nail lengths, shapes, and nail art designs.